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    Character Introduction - Giancarlo Espitia



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    Character Introduction - Giancarlo Espitia

    Post by Gian12315 on Wed May 31, 2017 5:56 pm

    Name: Giancarlo Espitia
    Duel Disk: Black Base- Black Blade
    Date of birth: 30/12/XXXX
    Astrological Sign:Carpricorn
    Hair Colour:Blue
    Eye Color:Blue
    Home Dimension:Standard

    Deck:SPYRAL, his deck is because when he was a kid, he loved spy´s movies, then this archetype fits him perfectly

    Likes:Food,Movies,Spys,Reserved People
    Dislikes:Loud noises,A lot of people near him,Jerks

    Personality:Giancarlo is very shy, he don´t wants to talk with all the people he finds, reserved
    Special items: A small communicator

    History: It's a kid that, from very young age, he watched all sort of spys movies, liked them all, now, as an adolecent, he haves a SPYRAL DECK, who will make pay all evildoers


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