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    Character intro - Alexis



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    Character intro - Alexis

    Post by Alexei on Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:45 am

    Alexis Oda

    Duel Disk - Purple, sword-shaped blade; black base

    Age - 16

    DoB - 05/09/XXXX

    Astrological Sign - Ophiuchus

    Height - 5'7

    Weight - 113 pounds

    Likes - Literature, poetry, plays, tea breaks

    Dislikes - Mindless media, ignorance, unsophisticated folks, non-Fusion scum

    Deck - D/D/D Fusion

    Home Dimension - Fusion

    Personality - Seemingly polite, but he mocks his opponents with quotes from literature. Always level-headed.

    History - He was adopted by Academia officials at a young age, and quickly indoctrinated. Since then, he's been loyal to their cause, quickly climbing the ranks and becoming a key operative.

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