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    General Rules



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    General Rules

    Post by Alexei on Sun May 07, 2017 2:54 pm

    To make things fair, follow these general rules. They're meant to guide and instruct you on what you can and can not do. If you need further clarification on a rule, just ask myself (Alexei) or Twistr.

    1) No godmodding. Keep things realistic within the confines of the Yu-Gi-Oh world. Don't add on random powers as you roleplay with no explanation.

    2) Don't control others' characters. Instead of saying Twistr kills Alexei, use words like "try", "attempts", and the like. This leaves room for the other person to dodge or do what they will.

    3) No trolling. Pretty simplistic.

    4) Include everyone, especially new people. Roleplaying can be intimidating, so help newcomers adjust to the roleplay and understand the rules.

    5) Don't use information that you learned out of character in order to gain an advantage in the roleplay.

    6) Characters can be dark and rude and whatever, but leave this in the roleplay. Don't be unnecessarily mean outside of it.

    7) Before you begin roleplaying, you need to post a character introduction in-line with the examples posted in said section. You should also show an admin your Deck, and make sure it follows our guidelines.

    8.) Duels will be conducted with 4000 Lifepoints.

    9) No OTKs, unless it's for the story.

    10) No racial slurs.

    11) Please don't get too sexual. If it reaches a point where your character is having sex, take it to the PMs.

    12) No weapons, besides cards and Duel Disks.

    13) This is a semi-lit server. Mistakes happen and are fine, but, please, make sure you speak intelligibly, with proper grammar. No emoji within roleplay. When a character is speaking, use quotation marks ("). When talking OOC in an RP chat, use parenthesis (). For actions, use italics (done on Discord by sandwiching the message between two asterisks (*)). If you're so inclined to add thoughts, use asterisks in combination with quotation marks.

    14) Don't mention anime characters in the roleplay. Unless specified otherwise, they don't exist.

    15) No meta Decks.

        Turbo and Action Dueling will be added at a later date.

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